Stroke TeleCare is a smartphone application developed by Prothomesta Care Private Limited for public stroke awareness, helping to identify symptoms of Stroke (Brain attack, Paralysis) and giving provision to search for nearby hospital. This app will also helps in pre-notifying nearby hospital (which the patient has chosen) so as to streamline the treatment and save time for early effective treatment. We all know that Stroke is a devastating medical and surgical emergency. With every minute passed, millions of neurons get irreversible damaged; that’s how we called it “Time is Brain”.1 The application will also assist a remote health centre to contact an experienced neurologist or stroke expert, in proving the FDA approved treatment. This will immensely help general public in building up the awareness and reaching out to them in proving time bound early essential treatment. Successful mobile based stroke telecare service has been provided across different nation including India (reference articles). Multiple national and international organisation including World Stroke Organisation (WSO), European Stroke Organisatioin (ESO) & Indian Stroke Association (ISA) have strongly advocated for stroke telecare in  there stroke guideline.



Stroke (brain attack), like heart attack, a time bound medical and surgical emergency, can affect anyone at anytime. It is high time that we need to know about stroke, its prevention and treatment. Stroke treatment is time dependent- need urgent and early identification of symptoms. FDA approved very effective treatment is available, but patient need to reach hospital within the window period (golden time).

A smartphone application allows a person (patient or family member) to know about stroke, early identification of stroke symptoms and reach to a nearby stroke centre for effective treatment. The application also links to stroke team to remotely evaluate stroke images within or outside the hospital; safely and effectively aid young neurologists or emergency team without stroke expertise to make decisions about treating acute stroke.  


  1. Public awareness about stroke
  2. Helping in identifying early stroke symptoms and reach to a nearby hospital
  3. To guide emergency team in providing effective FDA approved treatment for stroke using the mobile application “Stroke TeleCare”  

Magnitude of STROKE burden:

Stroke (Brain attack) is a major global public health problem and still remains the second leading cause of death worldwide. According to the estimates from the Global Burden of Disease (GBD) study in 2001, over 85 per cent of the global burden of stroke was borne by low- and middle-income countries (LMICs).6,7 Developing countries like India are facing a double burden of communicable and non-communicable diseases.7 Stroke is one of the leading causes of death and disability in India. The estimated adjusted prevalence rate of stroke range, 84-262/100,000 in rural and 334-424/100,000 in urban areas. The incidence rate is 119-145/100,000 based on the recent population based studies.7,8

The risk of stroke-associated mortality is 22 times that of infectious diseases such as malaria and tuberculosis. Every 2 seconds, someone in the world suffers a stroke; every 6 seconds, someone dies of a stroke and every 6 seconds, someone's quality of life will forever be changed due to stroke. These nerve-wracking figures counsel us to understand and be aware about stroke in depth.

We need a comprehensive stroke care program which includes early identification of stroke symptoms and initiation of time limited effective treatment. Unfortunately world-wide data suggest that less than 5% of stroke patients reach hospital in golden time (also known as window period), and even more less in Indian subcontinent.   Stroke is a medical and surgical emergency. Time is very crucial (so we call “Time is Brain”) in stroke management. Every crossing minute we lose millions of neurons if obstructed brain clot is not dissolved or removed. And once the neurons die, it cannot be revived back and clinical symptoms persist. The feeling good effect is that “Stroke is Preventable, Treatable and if timely taken care a Curable disease”. Currently, very effective FDA approved drug is available for stroke treatment (Class 1A evidence, AHA guideline).2,-5 For this effective outcome, the patients should reach hospital or stroke centre within golden time. Demographic remote location, poor transport facility, untrained infrastructure and public awareness are the few major hurdles in accomplishing good outcome.


The Stroke TeleCare application will be compatible with mobile platform Android™ (Google, Mountain View, CA) and iOS (Apple, Cupertino, CA) and will be immensely helpful in guiding general public in identifying stroke symptoms, knowledge about stroke, reaching people for stroke awareness and effective treatment. So people can reach nearby hospital for early care.